Access Private Site

The Crow Wing Lake Association provides additional secured content on the private site. The private site is accessible only by association members and requires authentication to access.

How to view the private site:

  1. You will be required to have a Google account - this can be done with or without a new Gmail email account depending on your preference:
    a) If you already have an existing Gmail or Google account, please skip to step 2 and use this for registration.
    b) To create a new Google account with a Gmail email address, go to Create account with Gmail
    c) To create a new Google account without using Gmail (using your existing email address as your userid), go to Create Google account without Gmail

  2. Register your Google account with CWLA to access the site: Registration Form

  3. It will be up to the Lake Association to validate your information and membership status before granting you access to the private site.

  4. A response will be provided with approval status and additional information.

  5. Sign In to the site using the link at the bottom of page:

Other ways to keep up with CWLA news:
  1. Subscribe to email updates of site news.

    By subscribing to email updates of site news, you will receive a maximum of 1 email per day for any news entries added to the CWLA website (these will only be sent on days that new posts are made to the site). Below is a sample email that will be distributed to subscribers:

Pat Altrichter,
May 19, 2015, 7:06 AM