Lake Improvement District (LID)

Crow Wing Lake Improvement District

The result of hard work, time, and overall dedication of the association and its members to the continuous improvement to our lake paid off... Since 2007 operating funds have been acquired through the LID to support the goals of caring for our lake.

The purpose of the LID is to preserve and protect the lake - its natural character, shoreland environment and water quality.

This ultimately means assessing the lake's problems and outlining corrective actions. This includes chemical control of exotic weed, curlyleaf pondweed, coontail, milfoil, algae and snails. It also addresses nutrient problems in the water.

The legal description of a Lake Improvement District is outlined in MN statutes 103B.501 to 103B.508.

Crow Wing County LID Policies

Our Crow Wing Lake LID Reports

Understanding LIDs (from MN DNR): Overview and Q&As