Sago Pondweed Treatment

Post date: Jul 24, 2012 3:27:36 PM

Ron Duy of Central Minnesota Aquatics treated the lake on Thursday, July 19 for Sago Pondweed. This treatment may also have some effect on the Northern Milfoil.

They posted signs at the affected docks, this is supposed to be left up until the 24th. After that date, the property owner can dispose of it.

I did observe this weekend that while I was still scooping up some weeds, it was much less. Also, I observed small fragments in the water which indicate the weeds are breaking up. Hopefully by next week conditions improve.

I did cruise around the lake and while we had to stop a few times to clean the prop, the amount of weeds seemed to be much less.

- Rick Pederson

Sago Pondweed