Weed Treatment Authorizations Due May 1, 2017 (Attached)

Post date: Jan 24, 2017 9:24:29 PM

As we have done in the past, I am sending out to you the 2017 Authorization Form for treatment of of the following: (SEE ATTACHED)

    • Curly Leaf Pondweed (designated by the DNR as an invasive species)

    • Sago Pondweed (a nuisance weed (not considered an invasive species by the DNR ... this is the stringy stuff!)

    • Swimmers Itch (a temporary treatment for the snail larvae which is the primary cause of swimmers' itch)

Our Crow Wing Lake LID has contracted with Central MN Aquatics to again be the vendor to treat these weeds. Ron and Michelle Duy, of CMA, will process all the permits for the treatments, survey our lake for the most problematic areas, and apply the treatments as directed. The Curly Leaf Pondweed (invasive species) will be treated lake-wide in the areas designated by high infestation. However, the Sago Pondweed and Swimmers' Itch treatment will be applied in an area around your dock, but only if you authorize the treatment.


    1. The Curly Leaf treatment will be applied early in June when water temperature and weed growth best respond to the herbicide. (This treatment is determined by the survey of heavily infested areas lake-wide; no personal dock signage is required)

    2. The Swimmers' Itch treatment will be applied just before the 4th of July weekend, pending weather conditions. Your Lake Assn Area Reps will be delivering signs to post on your docks to indicate treatment sites. (ONLY IF YOU HAVE RETURNED THE ATTACHED FORM)

    3. Later in the summer, you will receive in the mail, another sign that you will have to post on your own dock, to indicate permission to treat the Sago Pondweed (the stringy weed, AGAIN, ONLY IF YOU RETURNED THIS AUTHORIZATION FORM)

These treatments are provided to lake property owners at no additional charge*. Payment for these treatments come from The Crow Wing Lake Improvement District (LID) funds. The CWL LID fund was established by CWL property owners; and owners determine the specified LID property tax assessment each fall at our CWL LID Annual Meeting. You may go to our website for additional information. www.crowwinglake.org

*For a small fee, property owners may choose to purchase a 2nd Swimmers' Itch treatment as an option.

I know this sounds repetitive and I apologize for the inconvenience - but every year there is lots of confusion over these treatments.... and sometimes lake owners are scrambling to get an authorization form at the last minute. The best time to take care of returning this form is NOW! Both our herbicide vendor and the Lake Assn leadership will appreciate your help with this!.

So...think spring - get this little task done and enjoy the rest of this winter. A print copy of this form will be mailed to those who are not on this email list.

Thank you for sharing your email with the association, you are saving us lots in printing costs and postage. Please download the attached form, print it, sign it and mail it to:

Central MN Aquatics, Inc.

26735 Middle Cullen Road

Nisswa, MN 56468

FINAL DEADLINE IS MAY 1, 2017.....let's get 'er done now!