Natural Gas Update - Following Info Meeting

Post date: Apr 17, 2014 12:49:45 AM

In a nut shell this is where we are and what will happen.

  • A. There are about 75 people signed up at this point, could be more as some signed up today.

  • B. The cost of the project will be divided among those who sign up, more sign up, cost per home goes down.

  • C. Project will begin this summer-fall and be ready for this winter. (As I understand Propane is not regulated and cost will only go up. Natural gas compares to propane at 82 cents per gal., propane will probably not be $1.49 this winter and someone speculated we may not be able to pre-buy because they got burned last winter.

  • D. The entire lake will be covered for service as well as the adjacent area

  • E. You get 75' free from your property line to the meter (meter included) and will pay $4.00 per foot after the first 75'

  • F. You will have to change your propane burning appliances to burn natural gas.

  • G. Initial cost to get gas to your house will be about $2,000 - the more that sign up, the lower the cost.

  • H. Having natural gas will improve the value of your property.

  • I. Currently Center Point charges $8.00 per month user fee.

If you have signed up, thank you, and talk with your neighbors to encourage them to sign up.

Center Point would like to begin the process at the end of April.

Thank You for your consideration.

Jeff Lewis

Lake Association Vice-President